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Onion rings                         
Pile of fries                       
   + Cheddar cheese           
   + Chili & cheese             
Potato boats
Fried zucchini chips
chicken wings (10)
   + Choose Hot or mild
chicken fingers (5)
   + choose plain, hot, or mild
suzie's mozzarella sticks


Chef salad

   + Lettuce with cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, hard boiled egg, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Topped with ham and our own in-house slow roasted turkey.

Tuna Salad

   +Made with 100% premium Albacore Tuna.

chicken salad

  + Get it with a grilled chicken breast or our golden deep-fried chicken fingers.

lindsey's buffalo chicken salad

  + Three chicken fingers covered with mild sauce and topped with cheddar cheese.


Homemade Vegetable Beef soup
Homemade "Texas-Style" red chili
Andre's Spicy green pork chili
Soup of the day

   + Ask for today's selection.

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